About TomMartinMedia

Press Releases

In crafting press releases for his clients, Tom Martin calls upon his extensive experience as a journalist, and when you “speak the same language” as the news producers and reporters who can “green-light” story ideas, this can make an enormous difference.

Online Marketing and Branding

Tom Martin is an expert at helping clients shape their passion and enthusiasm, pitching each journalist in a way that is most likely to generate desired results, and then using each media opportunity to deliver a message to desired customers and clients in a way that motivates them to action.

Blog and Newsletter Support

Content truly is “king” when it comes to connecting with desired audiences, and Tom frequently works with clients to create blog posts and newsletters that strengthen connections, increase visibility and lead to results.

Media Training

Especially for those with limited experience in working with the media, making the most of an interview opportunity and guiding a reporter in a desired direction can often be challenging, and Tom helps his clients use just the right strategies to connect with the public most effectively.

Comprehensive Media and Public Relations Support

Tom frequently provides clients with full-service support — from the creation of press releases, pitching desired media outlets, helping clients prepare for interviews and meetings with reporters, to the creation of blog posts and newsletters that strengthen each client’s connections with potential clients and customers.