Tom Martin is a superb media guy.  He knows everyone and is a dependable generator of buzz and media attention.  But more importantly he is a man of personal generosity, decency, service, and honesty.  He is witty, sophisticated, and a marvelous raconteur.  The world is a better place for him being in it.

Words fail me as to how I can adequately express what I feel about Tom Martin — as a Public Relations and Media consultant and as a person.  In his position as the President of Tom Martin Media he has represented and does represent some of the most powerful and recognized people in media and entertainment.  And he does so with the utmost of professionalism and integrity AND achieves positive results for his clients.  As a person, Tom is compassionate and passionate about people.  He lives and works to do his part to make our world a better and more positive place.  Knowing Tom personally and having worked with him as a radio show host I highly recommend him if you are looking for someone to represent you or your project to the media.  I can promise you that with Tom Martin representing you, you will never go wrong or ever be disappointed with him or the results he achieves for you.


Once you have a conversation with Tom, you will be hooked with his incredible experience, demeanor, and excellent people skills. He has the ability to tap into big media sources to help promote an individual, business or brand. I have enjoyed collaborating with Tom and highly recommend him to others who want to reach larger audiences.

After many years in broadcasting, Tom knows how a great story can touch and inspires lives, so he adeptly helps his PR clients share their stories with the world.  His excellent contacts in media get people and their work the attention they deserve.  Tom brings passion to his work and his commitment to his clients is unparalleled.


After completing my book Mean Girls, Meaner Women my co-author and I serendipitously met Tom. I immediately liked how he genuinely seemed interested in helping to promote my book. While working with Tom he was always professional and a hard worker. There were times when I received emails from him at 3 in the morning! He was truly dedicated. And in fact, he was able to have me and my book featured on Dr. Phil, E! Entertainment and CNN…among other media outlets. I highly recommend Tom and in fact I have done do to many colleagues. I’ve heard from others that many publicists make you feel like you are in a mill but that is not the case with Tom. He is the real deal.

We have had the pleasure of working with Tom Martin for the past few years and we have been very happy with his level of service. He is hard-working, committed, enthusiastic and creative. Tom has helped secure quality media coverage for Jairek Robbins Companies and has impressed us with his proactive approach to identifying new PR opportunities for the business. I have no hesitation in recommending him to any company looking to increase their PR coverage.

Tom delivers. Dedicated professional with an impeccable reputation, Tom’s years of personal and professional relationships with journalists, TV and radio media representatives pay off for his clients. Recommending Tom Martin Media is a win-win-win, you can’t go wrong investing in his services.

Not only is Tom Martin well connected in the media, he goes the extra mile for his clients. He has an uncanny ability to get you the gig; if one approach doesn’t accomplish this, he’ll use half a dozen others until you get that exciting ‘Yes!’ Tom thinks creatively, works proactively, and is popular with producers, press, and clients because working with him is a pleasure.

Tom is not only an expert in his field, he is a hard working professional who stays the course when many of his peers would have walked away. I wholeheartedly recommend Tom for anyone looking to get a dedicated and creative professional to work on their publicity and marketing needs.

Tom is a PR guru. He knows the players and the field inside and out. He’s an amazing wellspring of advice and insight into how PR can help build your business. And then he implements. I cannot recommend Tom highly enough.

Tom Martin knows media inside and out, having worked on the best shows in TV for over 20 years. But more importantly, Tom knows people. He knows how to engage them; persuade them; touch them; support them. I call him not my PR agent, but my PR angel!

Tom is one of the most brilliant, most well-connected, kindest men I know. An absolute maven and success at PR and producing, at connecting clients to media outlets extraordinaire, to working overtime to making sure that his clients are well taken care of and are known about, he exemplifies the ultimate PR company. Connections+work+personalcaresuccess. You cannot fail with this man by your side.

I have been fortunate to connect with many profound people over the course of my life, but Tom is in a league of his own as a result of his authenticity and desire to help people achieve more in their lives. He has captured the essence of BUSINESS and HUMANTARIANISM and I honor and respect everything that Tom embodies.

I actually turned to LinkedIn to find Tom. Feeding America needed a media trainer and I fortunately stumbled upon Tom’s resume. Tom’s experience and skill mixed with his own charismatic personality makes him a truly gifted media trainer. Our executives feel incredibly comfortable with him, his counsel and his techniques. I do what I can to recommend him to other organizations looking to turn good media spokespeople into great ones. Look no further than the great Tom Martin.